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A clueless’ Guide to Powder Coat Paint

When one’s hears the word paint, buckets of colored liquid stacked upon rows upon rows in a hardware store comes to mind. Add the term Powder coat to it and it becomes immensely confusing. You may be scratching your head right now because your friend or your technician insisted you to do or to purchase one. Well it’s really simple though, you just need the basics. Read on and mastery on Powder Coating Paints, soon shall be yours.


Powder coat paints are really sturdy, reliable and long lasting coatings compared to regular liquid paint. The difference is quite obvious, and yes it’s the material. Powder coat paints are made of dry powder which gives you a much more smoother, even coated and sleek finish. Unlike liquid paint which is at risk of sagging and running it is also time consuming and gives an uneven finish. Though a little bit pricey that your average hardware staple, powder coat paints guarantees that your money is well spent as it gives your supplies a much more stronger protection against the elements, scratches, nudges and those unforeseen little accidents.


Application procedures are completely different between the two. Liquid paint requires you buy brush in different sizes to you can achieve the desired stroke for powder coat paints its different. You need guns. Powder coat guns that is. Powder coat guns are quite similar to spray paint cans but more pressurized and the nozzle is much more defined. Though it is quite expensive its quite a space saver as you just need to change nozzles for the desired effect, you don’t need a plethora of brushes anymore for your painting tasks.


Another major difference between liquid paint and powder coat paints is the meticulous drying process. In powder coat paints the drying process is quite intricate. You see the powder coat paint gets its incredible defense in its drying process. Liquid paint just requires your regular air drying method but for powder coat paints it utilizes heat. You see, powder coat paints undergo a stringent drying process after you applied the paint you cure it to 200C. This is above melting point and powder coat paints have been specially designed to resist breaking up under such severe temperatures, the heating process actually strengthens and smoothens the paint giving it strong yet glossy design.

 It is also saves time as it only takes a minimum of 10 minutes to make it completely dry but depends though on the number of coats, how detailed the design is and the colors involved as such other factors to consider. Here are the basics so I’m guessing you have more than enough on your hands to know the details on powder coating paints! Enjoy!

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