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November 19 2015

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5 Things that Will Guide You to Your Mobile Phone Repair Endeavor

    For someone who is clumsy enough to allow their mobile phone to take a dive in the pool, mobile phone repair is what they need. But doing it yourself may only make matters worse. If you are in college and communication as well as interconnectivity is so important. Learning how to deal with your broken phone is highly regarded. Accidents do happen all the time and if you are one of the unfortunate to require mobile phone repair, here are some of the guidelines that will help you tackling the innards of your mobile phone.

1.    Assess the damage – assessing the damage will help you determine the intensive repair your mobile phone might need. If the damage is not that intensive and simple solutions may be able to fix the problem, you might find your phone in good condition in just a day or two. The length of the damage or how hard it hit the bottom will help greatly help you in your repair project.

2.    Triage – there are many available tips on how to properly take care water damaged the phone and the right way to treat it without furthering the damage. Make sure to refer to the need that proper way to revive a drowned mobile phone. Also, ensure that you follow the direction properly as to achieve the desired result.

3.    Surgery – make sure that all necessary tools and replacements are in one place where you can easily reach it. A clean, spotless place is also important to ensure that no further matter will damage your phone and lastly, paper towels are great in placing the phone. Tinkering the innards of the phone is easy, that is if you are knowledgeable about the parts and functions of the wires attached in the board of your mobile phone.

4.    Analyzing the results – your mobile phone may do two things. It’s either to work or remain dead. That depends on the severity of the mobile phone’s damage. Expecting for it to be fixed immediately is the biggest mistake one can make. Give your phone sometime and eventually take a peak on what happens on your phone recovery.

5.    Admit defeat - mobile phone repair is not easy. There are really times that your efforts will not be answered with a positive note. Knowing when to stop is better than giving your phone more damage. Once you have identified that there is no more hope for your phone, buying a new one is the better approach.

October 13 2015


3 Reasons Why Mobile Phone Repair is Better than Buying a New One

Nowadays, mobile phones offer so many applications. This is why many people are seeking these products. No matter how old you are or what your financial status is, people own a mobile phone that is advanced in its technology and offers many applications that can be enjoyed by its user. Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone. Wherever you look, there is no one that has no mobile phone with them. The easy connection it provides and the fast communication it gives to the user is just one of the main reasons why people own a mobile phone of their own. The more the mobile phone is advanced, the more application it has. The many things mobile phone can do today has made life easier, one can shop, browse the net for a possible hangout and even order food delivery from your favorite restaurant. All these can be done by using a mobile phone.

Mobile phone repair is done to phones that undertook a 4-feet dive from its user to the floor or when it took a dive in the pool. The damage in you device can sometimes make you decide to just buy a new one than to attempt to revive it back to life. But before you do so, here are some of the reasons why it is best for a mobile phone repair than to spend another fortune for a new one.

Reason # 1: The Data Loss – once your mobile phone stops working properly the first thing every user does it to transfer all their data to their new mobile phone. The only thing about data transferring is that the possibility of some data loss is great. This is due to the fact that your mobile phone is malfunctioning or broken. Mobile phone repair will not only fix your phone but will also save all your stored data.

Reason # 2: The cost – the cost of repair is way cheaper than buying a new one. The cost of the mobile phone repair may vary depending on the brand of your phone, its unit and the contract that you will get but, repairing your phone can be more cost effective than spending thousands of dollars for a new one.

Reason # 3: Environment – did you know that mobile phone is one of the major contributors to global warming? As almost every person are using mobile phones the heat and radiation, it emits that affects and add to global warming.

September 15 2015

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Common Types of Damage in Smart Phones

The smartphones and cellular phones, in general, are essential for our day- to- day activities. These devices can be used to send and receive email or messages, make calls and communicate, play games, watch movies, news, and drama shows, and research and make reports. Smartphones have completely leveled up when it comes to its features and benefits. But, there are unfortunate instances that may affect the performance of your smartphone. It can be damaged due to different instances. Luckily, there are companies who are highly trained and professional in the field of mobile phone repair.

The different types of damage that usually happens in the smartphones are the following:

1.    The smartphone’s screen is damaged and the LCD is broken or needs replacement.

The delicate screens of the smartphones are prone to damage. The screens are vulnerable and can be easily damaged even with the slightest amount of force that is used in it. In addition, the screens are sensitive that it may incur scratches when using it.

2.    The charging port is not working or damaged.

Smartphones are the most used and sometimes abused gadgets. You are utilizing your smartphone even when the battery is almost drained. You might also be using it even when it’s charging. Because of this habit, the charging ports of the smartphones are being damaged. It will later on cause malfunctioning in the charging port or it will not charge the smartphone at all.

3.    The buttons are not working or hard to press.

If you are an avid smartphone user, you might already be pressing too hard with the buttons. The force that was exerted in pressing the buttons may cause the damage in the system or operation of the buttons.

4.    The smartphone was soaked or drenched in the water or any liquid substances.

Just like any other electronic or mechanical devices and gadgets, the smartphones are vulnerable with any liquids. If you accidentally dropped your phone in the beach or pool, it may damage the inner parts of your phone. In severe cases, the smartphone will be totally unusable.

5.    The speakers are not working properly.

One of the most common uses of smartphones is for watching movies and shows or for listening to your favorite music. But if your smartphone’s speaker features are not working and producing sounds as you want them to be, you might want to have it checked and repaired by a professional.  

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